i-pharm Is an Egyptian company specialized in producing inventive pharmaceutical products, needed to satisfy various market demands in the Middle-East and worldwide too.

i-pharm Has multiple stakeholders who aim to adopt ethical policies to their company. We believe that by doing this, we can invest for the long-term benefit of customers and at the same time, improve our environment and society.

i-pharm Ethical policy has been established to set standards and provide guidelines regarding the way we should operate according to ethical matters and principals.

i-pharm Code of ethics guides all employees on acting with integrity, efficiency and accuracy at all times.

i-pharm Strives to combine the activities of patient- care, prevention, and research to benefit not only the current patients receiving care, but also future generations.

i-pharm Policy is supervised by the basic moral principles that guide our services and bonds patients with the medical staff, so that together they can face the difficult task of competing with cancer, also to carry through their treatment and beyond.