IT Medical Star Product : (1) CMate Portable ECG (2) CMate Cardiac Medical Care Cloud

Based on Revlis’ proprietary technology, Cmate Portable ECG device is configured with high-end filtering technology, which can precisely filter out the noise and provide strong measurement and analysis. Aiming to penetrate the ECG device market with this high C/P (Cost and Performance) ratio product, this device also comes with data analysis capability and cloud service for remote data transfer.

Holter-like ECG Function:

This is the only ECG device that can be used to monitor heart conditions in both resting and exercising states with accurate ECG waves generation. The device is certified as medical electrical equipment for the safety and essential performance (IEC60601-1-2-47) and can continuously collect data up to 29 hours.(IEC60601-2-47).

Tested and Endorsed by Cardiologists:

With our Subtle Energy Analyzer Technology (SEA), this device can detect small, micro electrical activities of heart, and can be used under exercising states. In addition, we utilize high-end filtering technology in this device to precisely filter out noise and provide clear and strong P, QRS, T waves. Revlis’ CMate ECG is medical-grade device that can be used by patients with serious heart diseases at home.

A Pioneer of Instant Connection to Cloud Service for Clinical Diagnosis and Analysis:

The ECG data can be displayed on the device screen or transferred to NB/PC via USB (Single-mode Version) . Patients can also upload the electrical recordings onto our cloud service for further diagnosis and analysis.

Easy to Access ECG Data:

This device has user-friendly interface, providing convenience to use at home, even for elderly patients. It is very small in size and easy to be carried around. The device provides convenience and immediacy to track medical history. Patients do not have to spend too much time on doctors’ visits. Cmate ECG allows remote data transfer, and combines with, we are able to expand and design different cloud platforms for various purposes and usages (e.g., for end-users, for case managers and for cardiologists, respectively)

Importance of Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases

According to the latest statistics from WHO, there are around 16.5 million people on average died from cardiovascular diseases each year globally. Statistics from the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan also suggest that there are around 1.45 million patients with heart diseases in Taiwan. Both sources of research indicate global growing demand of stent and pacemaker implantations for heart disease patients. Patients after surgeries are required to constantly receive various follow-up assessments to ensure the stability of the implantations. If any dizziness, chest tightness or dyspnea occurs, patients should immediately use ECG device to collect unusual ECG waves for cardiologists to evaluate patients’ reactions and improvements after the surgeries.

Cardiovascular-related diseases have been top two or top three cause of death for 25 years consecutively. Compared to cancers, CVDs have no obvious symptoms and are easily ignored. Therefore, stable and portable ECG monitoring systems are certainly needed to track heart conditions for the high-risk patients. Although there are tons of heart monitoring products on the market with function of monitoring possible CVDs, including resting ECG, exercising ECG, ECG data management system, Holter ECG and cardiac event monitoring, none of these can be truly implemented to be used at home by high-risk patients for the purpose of long-term heart monitoring. Therefore, a medical-grade home use ECG monitoring system will definitely become a necessity for the Three Highs Family (Hypertension, High blood cholesterol, and High blood sugar) after sphygmomanometers.

Cmate Portable ECG Software(PC baesd version)