Benefits fact sheet:

  • The HydroMARK is so visible under ultrasound, doing a wire loc under ultrasound will become your first choice
  • Does not contain collagen, which is known to cause scarring
  • The HydroMARK is echogenic when first deployed but becomes hypoechoic once it is hydrated
  • The marker expands in length and diameter after it is deployed, anchoring it within the biopsy cavity
  • The metal portion of the marker is visible on the follow-up mammogram but the polymer portion is not

For Patients:

Better Visibility, Better Results

  • No breast compression is necessary if your doctor performs the wire localization under ultrasound
  • The polymer is biocompatible and completely resorbable
  • The wire localization under ultrasound rather than mammography is faster and more comfortable
  • A shorter procedure time means a shorter time to have radiation exposure