State-of-the-art molecular fingerprinting of tumor to hel pidentifying the best cancer treatment

Molecular Characterization

Scientific breakthroughs in the study of cancer development have shown that no two patients are the same, not two cancer tumors are the same. Recent technological discoveries allow better characterization of patient’s tumor. Today’s cancer CSI can rely not only on a vague identikit: OncoDEEP will draw a complete molecular fingerprint including genetic and protein information.

Cancer Biomaker

Cancer cells have distinct abnormalities (also called “Biomarkers”) that may make each disease unique to it body
OncoDEEP will question these biomarkers (variants in your genome and proteins expressed by your tumor) and integrate them using our proprietary Knowledge Database OncoDNA (KDO) to help your physician with treatment choice. KDO compile the latest publications from medical literature to fully describe and document DNA variants and protein expression results, to integrate them into intelligible conclusion for the oncologist and to advice on treatment regimen based on the latest scientific discoveries.

A Double Clue Strategy

OncoDEEP will question 2 major components of a cancer cell: The genome of the tumor and the protein contend (and activity) of the tumor. A comprehensive examination and unique combination of genetic and protein information which will give OncoDEEP its best value.